Beauty Reinvented: How to Embrace Gray Hair, Upgrade Your Self-Confidence and Redefine Your Beauty
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Beauty Reinvented: How to Embrace Gray Hair, Upgrade Your Self-Confidence and Redefine Your Beauty

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Going gray in your thirties is not easy. It’s not what society says is right or OK. I wanted to share my journey with women all over the world and let you know by example that it’s OK to be your authentic self no matter what society says. It’s time to break the beauty rules Ladies, and embrace your authentic self. It’s time that we stop making excuses, stop being insecure and buying into the advertisements, glossy magazines, and commercials that only show women with colored hair. In this book, I will show you how to conquer your fear of the unknown and taboo world of going gray, build self-confidence that stands out in a crowd and embrace your authentic self. You will be one strong, fierce, bold woman ready to welcome your gorgeous gray once you finish this book. I will hold your hand through all of the emotional ups and downs because I have been there, I will give you the strength to keep moving forward when you are down and feeling “frumpy and old” I will pick you up and make you feel alive and beautiful again. Packed with self-assessments, humor, and grit. I will share my expert beauty secrets that will help you with your transition into new makeup color palettes, and of course, the best skin care and hair care tips to keep you on point. I am sharing interviews with real women that have gone gray and what their experiences have been and great advice for you in your gray hair journey. Sit back, get comfortable and celebrate yourself with one of my signature cocktails at the beginning of each chapter. I am not going to tell you that going gray will be an easy journey but I am here for you every step of the way, and together you will be able to get encouraging new advice that will allow you to push through the bumps in the uncomfortable gray road ahead. Are you ready to say YES to your gray hair journey? You know what time it is Ladies. It’s time to Get This Beauty Started.

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