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Satin Smooth Silver Tourmaline Hair Removal Wax 14oz. 14oz.

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(as of Jan 29,2020 17:12:32 UTC – Details)

Satin Smooth wax, Silver Tourmaline Hair Removal, 14 Oz

Preferred Depilatory Wax by Regular Users And Waxing Professionals

This hair removal soft wax is unique in the application, highly flexible, and delivers the ultimate waxing experience anywhere! It’s the most trusted brand among waxing experts and regular users and is committed to providing you with professional-grade hair removal wax that will surely meet and surpass your waxing needs!

Convenient And Economical

Ideal to remove unsightly hair easier and pain-free! With Satin Smooth Silver Tourmaline Wax, you will experience that excellent waxing spa-quality results at the convenience of your home and achieve the smooth, hair-free and fresh skin, without the hassle and high-cost tag of salon services. It gets rid of all the hair in one strip without flaking. It works great on course, thick, stubborn or curly hair with a fast process and easy clean up afterward. Have a pain-free full-body unsightly hair removal this simple and easy!

Safe, Proven Effective in Hair Removal

Featuring Satin Smooth Silver Tourmaline Wax that contains only the most natural, finest ingredients. This depilatory soft wax lets you enjoy a fuss-free hair removal process, that even the most hard-to-reach threads can’t survive this hair removal wax’s adhesive strength. With frequent use, the hair follicle will wear down and stop hair growth for up to several weeks, making you never go back to shaving!

REMOVES MEDIUM TO COARSE HAIR ON ALL BODY PARTS: Wonderfully effective, this hair removal wax from Satin Smooth is ideal to use for medium to coarse hair. It can be used from head to toe, up to the most delicate areas. This depilatory wax eliminates all the hair from the root, leaving no broken hair or irritation in your skin. It shrinks wraps the hair, and is gentle enough to delicate facial skin and can remove the short noticeable hair. This unhairing agent is going to be your go-to!
INCORPORATES FINELY MILLED GEMSTONES AND CRYSTALS: Enhance your waxing treatments with timeless gemstones! Designed to provide a well-balanced and professional service. Satin Smooth Silver Tourmaline Depilatory Wax incorporates finely milled gemstones and crystal derived from the Chakra balancing assortment to promote harmony, calm, and inner peace. Offering highly enriched premium resinate, lightly scented with rose and gives superior wax application, hair removal, and skin response.
FORMULATED FOR SENSITIVE SKIN: No more worrying about the discomfort that comes along with hair waxing! The Satin Smooth Silver Tourmaline Wax is hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested to minimize the risk of allergic reactions. It is created to provide your skin a natural buffer, protecting it from inflammation and eliminating discomfort caused by removing hair from the roots. You will now be able to achieve smooth and hairless skin in minutes with less discomfort!
SENSUOUSLY SMOOTH AND GLOWING SKIN AFTER USE: Not only does it effectively removes unsightly hair from all over your body, but it also keeps your skin moisturized to prevent it from flaking and dryness after waxing! Recommended by estheticians and hair waxing pros worldwide, this hair removal agent works so well as it goes below the surface to dissolve the proteins that make up the hair, so you’re left with touchably soft and glowing skin with radiance after use!
ECONOMICAL, LONGER-LASTING RESULTS: With regular use of Satin Smooth Silver Tourmaline Wax, you’ll get fewer, finer and softer hairs growing back. It has taken more than just the sting out of waxing and has become so popular that both men and women are happily having themselves waxed all year round! The hair is pulled out from the root, it grows back thinner over time and makes the hair grow slower and finer. It’s all you need to stay fuzz-free for up to six weeks!

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